Various forms of magic show

There are many kinds of london magic store show in the form of a start, for those of us who don’t touch of magic, to feel the magic are the same, one wearing a cape and top hat magician show us, and actually magic show in the form of subdivision has six kinds, according to the different performance venues and performing time make classification.
Magic of performance according to the performance scale can be broadly divided into:
(1) Close-up wholesale magic store china (Close-Up) or magic close-up face one or several viewers act, requires a skilled technique, the props for the daily necessities, such as coins, playing cards … and so on.. Because the audience with a face to face contact, the audience also often can touch the performances, often brings great.
(2) Along the table shows (Run Table or Table Hopper) usually in restaurant performances, performers along a table to show Street Magic.
(3) (Street Magic) in recent years performing style, in which this is the most famous American magician David Blaine takes to the streets for the stage and audience interaction…
(4) Pub magic (Bar Magic), with some small props performances, suitable for nightclub, birthday or anniversary party. Interaction of high performers, often make the audience burst into laughter. This magic is that we normally in reality more contact magic.
(5) Stage magic (Stage Magic) need to cooperate with the large Magic tricks for Magicians props, dance, stage lighting, audio performances, (if necessary, the stage should be specially adapted for such performances only) in theater or auditorium in. I feel the magic effect best, on the stage to the audience with a strong sense of the mysterious.
(6) A large illusion magic (Illusion) liberty disappear or through the Great Wall and so on large-scale illusions. Often need a lot of money to cooperate, probably the only television as patron of the magician.
What I most like is close-up magic, I often feel that magic is magic, I can’t help to guess the magician is how to come, so I think the distance makes me feel at a loss, I like close and very pay attention to and appreciate slowly for thinking, and interactive sex is very strong, so funning..
I also like street magic, though a bit because of feeling, but I find it very interesting, in the street, I never met a magic, actually I also very much look forward to one day be able to meet, before a TV special recorded street magic, I think it is fun, very love.
What about you? Which do you like?