Tricks & Drinks @ Elements Herastrau

Trick or be tricked! Watch out!

April Fools Day – hate it or love it, but you just can’t ignore it.

This Friday, April 2nd at 11 pm – get ready for a night of pranks, hoaxes, gags and giggles with Tricks & Drinks @ Elements Herastrau.

Hey, trickster, everybody loves a good prank so make sure you bring the best one you can think of!

This is when you get back at all those people who were not really nice to you and play some pranks on those you like and love.

Don’t get caught off-guard and you’re in for a night of laughter and mischief.

Unleash the little devil inside you and let’s get the party started!

Tricks & Drinks @ Elements Herastrau
7-9 Soseaua Nordului on Herastrau Lake, behind the tennis courts.
For reservations: 0734.123.456 or