So 80`s @ Elements Herastrau

My, oh, my! The 80’s are back!

This Saturday, April 17th at 11pm – take a trip down memory lane because the weekend is So 80’s @ Elements Herastrau.

The 80’s were all about color and volume. Everything was big then: big hair, big shoes, big shoulder pads and a lot of unique styles people ended up regretting :))

The decade witnessed the rise of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper or Duran Duran and the birth of MTV that proved to be a huge force behind the 80’s fashion trends.

Now it’s your time to pay tribute to the good old days!

Go wild with black and white lace for the girls or pastel colored jackets with rolled up sleeves for the guys, lots of make-up and stylish accessories.

Be loud, over-the-top and party like a true 80’s fashion icon!

Dress code: 80’s style fashionable wear.

So 80’s @ Elements Herastrau
7-9 Soseaua Nordului on Herastrau Lake, behind the tennis courts.
For reservations: 0734.123.456 or