Resources For When You Need To Teach Maths

Education is a key issue for any parent whose child or children are about to enter the educational system. But this can also be just as important an issue to consider for primary school teachers who are about to teach a new class of youngsters. After all, these early years of learning are very important, so it is good to get a head start. Sometimes, this may mean more than just having the right lesson plans or following a particular curriculum. For any teacher starting out, it will more than likely be necessary at some point to acquire some teaching resources or aids. But where does one go for such a thing?

Teaching resources are in plentiful supply, however, and any number of outlets and specialists can be found with a quick search on the Internet. Many of these places can supply teachers with any number of relevant resources to use in and out of class. Such things can range from fun shaped cards to help learn basic maths, such as multiplication tables and fractions. Or if lessons are able to be conducted outside, then there are also playground specific pictures that can be placed on nearby walls to help liven up lessons and playtime. There are even interactive CDs and educational downloads to help teachers keep up with modern trends.

So what else can these specialist stockists offer? One thing they can certainly help with is the most appropriate and useful resources any primary school teacher may need for teaching early years maths.

Maths is a key subject for children to learn, as it encourages number use and basic mathematics skills, such as counting and multiplication. Resources available for early years maths tend to include fun and colourful practical cards. They may depict pizzas and/or pies (a brief requisite to pie charts no doubt) as well as various colourful creatures and the Number Line to 30 (or 50) technique to help children understand facts and the basics about maths. There are simply dozens of different methods, techniques and teaching aids which cover all manner of different lessons and for different circumstances as well.

If you are a teacher or know someone who is and you feel that this may be something that could come in handy for primary school teaching, then it is worth getting in touch with one of these specialists within your area to see what kind of services and resources they have on offer.

In 1996 Sweet Counter was founded in Surrey, London. Over the years, they have become specialists in supplying teachers with resources for their lessons. The founder, Chris Mayo, is still very much engaged in the running of Sweet Counter.

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