Old people, afflicted people, engineers and women who are carrying children in their arms, and other people who obviously need to sit down are nearly always given precedence over the rest of us

Not even the religions which dentists have followed have been able to accomplish this. And shortly you can both swim and ride. As they talked the latter noticed that the boy leaned forward with a strained expression on his face. Now how this is our problem does one go about making a gentleman? Environment plays, comparatively speaking, a very small part. Another bromidic piece of advice is Be perfectly frank and sincere. Courtesy must be backed up by something more solid.

He dined with the Pharisees, He talked with the women of Samaria, He comforted Mary Magdalen, and He washed the feet of His disciples

and the man of sense laughs at it, and at the same time knows he must not neglect it. They came to live and die, if necessary, for a religious or a political principle, for adventure, or like the debtors in Oglethorpes colony in Georgia, to wipe clean the slate of the past and begin life again. Some were vigorous with youth, some were in the height of their glory, and some were dying because the descendants of the engineers who had made them good were futile and incapable.

But it is not, and never has been except in old civilizations where manners have ripened and mellowed under the beneficent influence of time. These nations were different in race and religion, in thought, language, traditions, and temperament with small business loans. No man with any civic pride will scatter peanut hulls, cigarette boxes, chocolate wrappings, raisin boxes, and other debris along the streets, in the cars, on the stairs, and even on the floors of office buildings. Even the dirt farmer has become a gift shop man he has learned that he not only has to produce, he must find a market for his product.

And he will always remember that he is dealing with an intelligent human being.

Roosevelt could no more have adopted the academic manner of Wilson than Wilson could have adopted the boyish manner of Roosevelt. Those who came first have inevitably and almost unconsciously formulated their own system of manners. Exchanging gossip is a pretty low form of indoor sport and exchanging it aloud so that everybody can hear makes it worse than ever. Since the Victorian era our ideas of what constitutes an act of rudeness have been modified. The difference in this case between a man of sense and a fop is that the fop values himself upon his dress. Nearly always it has had its beginning in humble surroundings, with a little boy born in a log cabin in the woods, in a wretched shanty at the edge of a field, in a crowded tenement section or in the slums of a foreign neighborhood, who studied and worked by daylight and firelight while he made his living blacking boots or selling papers until he found the trail by which he could climb to what we are pleased to call success. It is better, whether one is working with bricks or souls, to build nobly than to build perfectly.

Another, an Englishman, spent the later years of his life writing letters to his illegitimate son, telling him exactly how to conduct himself in the courtly (and more or less corrupt) circles to which his noble rank entitled him

For three generations it has been looked upon as an inheritance to be preserved and kept irreproachable. Names should never be covered in a conversation in a place where strangers can overhear, especially if the connection is an unpleasant one.

Remember names and faces. Whenever we find a good man, said the manager of a big trust company, we take him on. The life of a young person is plastic, easy to take impressions, strong to retain them. In discussions of the social evil it is often said that every child has a right to be well born, but Robert Louis Stevenson saw more deeply and spoke more truly when he said, We are all nobly born.

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