Nineteen kinds of magic effects

Some people want to know 2012 magic tricks, because it is very interesting. You know that magic is divided into which category? What is the basic effect? When you see a magic show, you will see what effect? I believe that these problems for general simply see the magic of the audience should not seriously think about it, but the magic19 basic effect you know? Let me tell you!
(1)To (production): appear, become more (people or things).
(2) The nature of Physics (physical anomaly): includes people leave the shadow, the headless beauty, people first, and took away the thumb and the spider.
(3) Change (vanish): disappear, so do not see.
(4) Enables the audience to failure (spectator failure): the magician with a force that the audience can not do a certain thing.
(5) Translocation (Transportation): from one place away from appears elsewhere.
(6) Control (control): the internal force (hand) to control biological or inanimate movement, such as bell, such as automatic hand.
(7) (Transformation) deformation: change the size, shape, color, such as nature, mark.
(8) identify technique (identification): recognize the audience as table (used for more cards, also used for color, olympics 2012 london or the audience can be recognized).
(9) Through (penetration): a hard object through hard.
(10) A mind reader (thought reading): the magician can know the audience thinks, and visitors can have wanted to write to be controlled.
(11) To restore the broken (Restoration): an article from some or all of the broken limb reduction. (12) His heart (thought reading): make someone to know B thinks of things.
(13) (Animation): automatic so that dead if the life activities.
(14) Prophecy (prediction): to write down sty happened, such as the headline news.
(15) Against gravity (anti-gravity): a person or thing of action against gravity.
(16) Sixth (extra-sensory perception): operation such as his fingers to see, with the nasal olfactory color, such as finger feels pip.
(17) made with resonance (sympathetic reaction), two or two or above to make the same results. (18) Special (skill): really help make technology or props, special effects.
(19) Invulnerability (invulnerability): includes feed fire, Mao Tan, sword, food, feed, pin glass blade cut tongue.
The above is the Olympic magic show19 basic effect, if you think you also see other effect types can be raised, but basically be these types, are based on these effects evolved various magic show, actually a lot of magicians in the design of the magic, the beginning is also according to this divergence alike, and this is a kind of technique of expression.