My personal views on magic

On television often playing magic-inbox, indeed many people interested in magic. From the beginning of February to practice up to now, have high school has little interest, due to the close distance to see a lot of the true master, see a lot of performance, so there is a lot of good progress is relatively fast. Boring to talk about me on magic view….
The magic of most people feel like this, sometimes in front of the audience feel that he is very powerful, because they will be goshmagic. Very MAGIC feel good, so will some pride, also saw many magicians good but too arrogant, in fact, the magician is only ordinary people, so I get to play magic man can only say that I do not magic…
I hate the audience: people I have met
(1) ” The magician is a swindler, are there any good” some viewers quotations, I can only say to art appreciation. Don’t know how to appreciate is a denial of their artistic appreciation.
(2) “You each magic I read it, I know” certain be opinionated person quotations, I can only say that I am a card for you, you can help me change? Change out that what all I tell you. This man in the magic called” oak”.
(3) ” Free to teach me several taught me this is so simple,?” some viewers quotations, magic are the time, money and energy accumulation, is needs a lot of practice, the second movement is a few days or longer practicing and props to damage. The stage takes 1 year, under the stage10 minutes should be know it beautiful Production of magic props nor1 days of practice
(4) “You use the card is not good to see my card much good to buy80-100block my cards are brought back to the United States” encountered a few middle school students, I can only say you play is money, not magic. You understand the magic value, to play magic, make others happy.
(5) In spite of my audience, I like this, because I can get him to play like you. Thank you for me. Remember that changed the cockroach digging.
I think magic is the key to learning, is the true love and study. Many people go to the store to learn magic, you simply will be magi so the magic key can not be too proud, to learn how to behave. Magic… Life is for success in everything.
The above is just my personal views on magic; I do not know if you have any idea.