Made in Japan @ Elements Herastrau

Konichiwa! Mega Japanese party – super likey!

This Saturday, March 20th at 11pm – spice up your life and get a taste of Japanese street fashion and pop culture at Made in Japan @ Elements Herastrau.
Straight from Tokyo’s Harajuku district comes a lesson in attitude and lifestyle.

It’s all about manga, anime, samurai warriors, sumo, ninjas, geisha girls, timeless beauty and wacky fashion.
Mix & match different styles and create your own. Anything flashy clothing goes.

So whether it’s a kimono, just a Godzilla t-shirt or a cute Hello Kitty dress – make sure when they see you, everyone starts screaming: Kawaii!!!

Made in Japan @ Elements Herastrau
7-9 Soseaua Nordului on Herastrau Lake, behind the tennis courts.
For reservations: 0734.123.456 or