Lansare proiect ”Welcome to Green City”

Asociatia pentru cooperare Diana anunta lansarea proiectului  ”Welcome to Green City”.

The project ”Welcome toGreenCity” is part of Youth Exchanges Project within the ”Youth in Action Program” which promotes active citizenship, tolerance among young people, creating mutual understanding betweenyouth in different countries.

The general goal of this project is to facilitate the meeting of three youth groups from:Italy,BulgariaandRomania, in the spirit of European cooperation and intercultural exchange, through informal learning and experience. The first meeting where they will get to know each other will take place in Romania, in the town of Oltenita, for a 13 days period, after that, all the promoters will meet in Rimini – Italia, for a 5 days period, during which, various activities will unfold: the inclusion of socially and economically challenged young people, through active involvement in decision making processes and information dissemination on multiple levels; identification of common values and customs that the three different groups share, so a common background is going to be discovered, regardless of the cultural differences; encouraging young people to interract; achieving unity through social cohesion and cultural diversity; respect for equal respecting the equal opportunities; encouraging the exchange of best practices between participants and the organizations they belong to; creating an active role and position, within the initiative itself, for any youngster taking part; breaking the cultural, economic and social boundaries; promoting volunteering through activities that aim at recruiting, selecting and coaching individual volunteers from communities hosting the unfolding activities; promoting renewable energy sources and tehnologies that ensure creation of a cleaner and safer environment.

The project includes conferences and seminars that will showcase the newest breakthroughs and developments in the field of renewable energy and documentaries related to environment friendly tehnologies of the future.

For the whole unfolding of the project, the following promotion and advertising materials will be used: two press conferences; three newspaper appearances; a banner; 150 personalized pens; 150 maps; 150 posters; 150 brochures showcasing the best project moments; 150 DVDs; 2 seminaries on ecology; 2 photo expositions with the most successful images captured during the development of the project.