LAMIT CO news for 2012

Since its establishment, LAMIT COMPANY has implemented and developed two-way communication services via satellites which are available to users located anywhere in the world. Therefore, these services can be both terrestrial, fixed or mobile, attainable even in the most inaccessible locations and also maritime, mobile, serving on ships worldwide. Seagoing service of data transmission is one of the biggest challenges in the telecommunication field because it requires a “full overview over a diversion of factors which can intervene at any millisecond”. For LAMIT this service is not problematic at all because the equipment used by the company is configured according to the demands of LAMIT’s engineers and it is fully compatible with the company’s services. Top producers fromJapan,U.S.,CanadaandIsraelhave made a very important contribution through their availability to reconfigure the provided equipment in accordance with the types of services which LAMIT offers, thereby ensuring the certainty of the satellite connection regardless of the distractions which can occur. Moreover, the operating system, Lamit 2Pro, made exclusively by the company, supports the network management behind satellite connections.

All these premises have facilitated and extended LAMIT Company’s presence in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East and the 3Americas.


One of the most practical services offered by LAMIT is LTH (Lamit to Home), intended mostly for home users who are located in areas difficult to reach. For this service, in 2012, LAMIT offers 4 times more speed and 4 times more predefined traffic than last year, keeping the costs imposed. If until this year the offered speeds were up to 4 Mbps, in 2012 the speeds exceed 10 Mbps.

Year by year, the company has greatly improved the quality of the equipment and services and also made an extremely convenient quality/price report by predefining different levels of traffic, thereby protecting the client who is given just the right amount of traffic that is expected to be consumed by him.


The main novelty which LAMIT brings on the market in 2012 is the LTB service (Lamit to Business), Internet service through innovative satellite, which is addressed to companies of any size, representing an ideal solution even for the companies which provide television broadcasts or for users such as governments or corporate type. This new service is characterized by speeds of 10 to 20 Mbps both for download and upload, service costs raging between 150 and 2000 euros per month.


Prices, decreasing tariff plans from year to year designed by LAMIT, the possibility of renting or taking into custody of VSAT equipment and the company’s reputation, evidenced by numerous awards and nominations worldwide, are a guarantee of the services’ quality and also provides a certainty regarding the loyalty and stability of customers, who will have all the reasons to always use the remarkable services provided by LAMIT CO.