Juridic tv

Juridic TV, the first television channel dedicated to public legal information, will be launched online on February 8 and will broadcast an around-the-clock daily programme, representatives of the Coltuc Law Office, the project financer, reports. 

According to Coltuc Law Office’s representatives, the TV channel Juridic TV (www.juridictv.ro) is currently broadcasting a series of programmes and starting with February 8, when it is officially launched, it will have a final list of programmes, weekly Capital reports.
The idea behind Juridic TV emerged from the lack of legal information programmes in the programme lists of the television channels currently broadcasting in Romania. Thus, the purpose of the new television is to help the population get acquainted with Romania’s judiciary for free.

Access to the programmes aired by Juridic TV will be free of charge. The channel will broadcast around the clock, with 12 hours of live broadcasting. Among the shows to be broadcasted by Juridic TV are: People’s Court reality show – “the only show in Romania that presents real-life court trials” and Juridic TV Specialists, a programme where people’s queries regarding different fields will be answered.

Other shows are added to these programmes: “What should be done?,” where free legal advice-opinions are provided, “Dissatisfied with justice”, “ECHR Cases” and “Headline Trials.” At the same time, a Juridic news show will be broadcasted every Tuesday and Thursday.
Juridic TV is financially supported by Coltuc Law Office. According to its representatives, the investment so far in Juridic TV amounts to 150,000 euros. The main office of the new TV channel will be in Bucharest. Coltuc Law Office was established eight years ago by Marius Vicentiu Coltuc.