HART HR Strategic Conference: Talent Management Programs and Building Effective Leadership Pipelines

HART HR Strategic Conference

Talent Management Programs
Building Effective Leadership Pipelines

20th November 2009, 9:00 AM – 14:00 PM
World Trade Center, PULLMAN HOTEL, Bucharest

Successful leaders know that effective Talent Management practices are essential to provide competitive advantage and meet business outcomes.
HART HR Strategic Conference offers you an insight of the next generation of best practices in human resources.
We invite you to attend a half day of high caliber knowledge sharing and networking.

– Innovative Talent Management practices
– The right Connection between your Talent pool and your Business objectives
– Identifying and Assessing High Potential Talent: NEW Selection Wave
– Tools for Succession Planning: Hogan Assessment Tools
– Strategies for building a strong Leadership Pipeline
– Leadership Derailers: The unique Hogan Development Survey

During presentations, panel discussions and guest speakers sessions, you will find the why and the how for questions like
– Is Talent Management a core business process with impact on overall business success?
– How to Identify, Assess and Develop talent to ensure continuity of Leadership at all levels in the company?
– Are your people in the right place to meet business objectives in the new challenging market?
– How to Retain and Develop top talents?

We welcome
– VP, Directors and Managers.
– Human Capital Professionals responsible for designing and implementing Talent Management strategies.

Limited number of places available. No participation fee.

To register for the conference, please follow this link http://www.hart.ro/hr-conference

Thank you!