Fluorescent Party @ Elements Herastrau

Turn down the lights – it’s time to GLOW!

This Saturday, February 6th at 11pm – Elements Herastrau adds a new dimension to the scene with Fluorescent Party – shadows of all colors in a psychedelic atmosphere.

Your skin becomes a work of art with special fluorescent paint and make-up, turning everything into a reflection where hands and objects seem to float in the air.

And the best thing is you can spice the night with any accessory you can think of – it just has to glow under black light and you’re all set.

Illuminate your life at the glow-in-the-dark extravaganza!

Fluorescent Party @ Elements Herastrau
7-9 Soseaua Nordului on Herastrau Lake, behind the tennis courts.
For reservations: 0734.123.456 or rezervare@elements.ro