Check this out if you are a regular Amazon shopper

Do you want to find the best bargains that are being offered by Amazon? If so, you may wish to use an Amazon price tracker to help you find the best deals. An Amazon price tracker will show you historical price data for a particular item such as all time high, all time low as well the average price which an item has sold. In addition, you can browse categories to find the largest price drops in a particular category. Last but not least, it will allow you to set alerts which will notify you when the price of your desired item drops below your desired level.
Price Watch keeps track of the price of products sold on Amazon websites and alerts you with email only when price changes.
If you already have a particular product in mind that you want to buy, you can do additional research to determine if the price is currently higher than it normally sells for. You can do this by first locating the product you wish to buy on the price tracking website. You can add a little more confidence that the price is a good price, by viewing a chart that shows the amazon pricehistory so that you can verify the price is discounted.
Learn how you can find the best deals available on Amazon by using an Amazon Price Tracker. Features such as a price history chart, the ability to set price alerts, and browseable categories allow you to find the best deals Amazon has to offer.
If you are a regular Amazon shopper or if you are going to buy a high dollar item on Amazon it may be well worth the time and effort to do a little research and find out if the deal you are getting is truly a great deal.
Do you know Amazon has TV Low Price Guarantee policy? If you buy a TV from Amazon and the price drops (on Amazon or 18 other online stores) in 14 days after shipping, Amazon will credit the difference back! But you have to ask for the refund. Have no time to check all the websites? No problem!