Bluehost or HostGator which company is the best?

Are you trying to choose between Bluehost or HostGator? it is not an easy decision to make because both web hosting companies are considered to be two of the best web hosting companies in the business. Bluehost vs HostGator which 1 do you choose? I’ll talk about several of the differences to help you try and make up your mind.

HostGator hosts about 8,000,000 domains and has been around since 2002. They started out of a campus room in Florida and ha moved to TX where they now have four data centers that host their servers. HostGator is a 1 stop full service shop. You can get VPS, dedicated, and shared web hosting. They also offers unlimited hosting along with 30 day plans.

Bluehost hosts close to 2,000,000 domains and has been around since ’96. One of the nice options that they offer is 1 free domain along with your web hosting plan. They only have 1 hosting plan but it will work for 95% of most users. They offer shared hosting for a flat price. They are also the parent company of Hostmonster, another highly dominating hosting company.

I know it is hard to choose between HostGator vs Bluehost however in my opinion I do not think you can go wrong with either provider. They are both extremely good hosting companies that have been around for a long time. One thing you might compare is the cost compared to the features. That should help you narrow it down. A great website to receive additional info would be HostGator VS Bluehost.

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