Auto Insurance – the safest Auto-Protection

Auto Insurance India offers the best protection for the vehicle through coverage of cost effective premiums. Get your vehicle a best auto insurance so that you are able to cover maximum loss at the time of uncertainity.

Accidents and unforeseen events are parts and parcels of our daily lives. However, when there is a problem, a solution has to follow. Here, the remedy is insurance. Insurance is the financial backup against any object, whenever there is an uncertain loss. It is paid in form of money to the person who has faced the loss or damage. The person must have a prior insurance policy to receive the money equivalent to the incurred loss. Similarly, whenever there are automobile accidents, Auto Insurance comes into play. These are one of the most vital types of insurances.
Auto Insurance protects the policy-holder whenever there is a road accident involving his/her own vehicle. Generally such insurances are issued along with the vehicle at the time of the purchase. An agreement is made according to which the buyer pays a certain amount of money in instalments, to the car dealer. In return, the dealer insures the vehicle. The coverage is mostly of 3 types-1) Property coverage in case of theft or damage to the car, 2) Liability coverage in case of damage to others, and 3) Medical coverage for treating injuries and for the purpose of rehabilitation.

In India, road accidents are a daily phenomenon. Hence is absolutely necessary to insure one’s vehicle at the time of the purchase. Auto Insurance India covers for loss incurred due to both man-made accidents and natural calamities. Both individual owners and third parties are accounted for in the policy. It is compulsory for every individual to insure new vehicles whether to be used for personal or commercial purpose. The major automobile companies have ties with insurance agencies therefore. The higher the price of the vehicle, the higher is the amount of premium to be paid by the buyer.
Auto Insurance India is primarily of three different types. Private car insurance is the most developing and booming sector where all new vehicles are insured and the determining factors include the making of the car, its price, year and date of manufacture and the state where it has been produced. Two wheeler insurance covers accidents involving the driver of the vehicle. The third type is the Commercial Vehicle Insurance which applies to all vehicles which are not used for personal purpose. Examples include trucks, buses, HMVs etc. Drunken driving, which is a common feature is not covered by such insurances mainly to discourage the phenomenon. Thus, to protect the vehicle and for accidental compensation claim, insurance of auto is the better option. Vehicle at the road are safeguarded through the auto insurance policy and if any damage is created proper compensation is claimed.