American International Radio (AIR) in conjunction with its local partner AGEXIMCO SRL successfully completes project with Ministry of Health, Romania.

American International Radio (AIR), a leading US based advanced telecommunication solutions provider recently announced that it has successfully completed a large and complex project for the Ministry of Health (MOH), Romania through its local partner AGEXIMCO SRL.

The tender floated by MOH, Romania to modernize the communication platform between the hospitals, the intermediary agencies and the service providers, received several bids. After careful evaluation of the capabilities and cost, the project was awarded to AIR.

Mr. Dorel Nasui, CEO of AIR expressed his satisfaction at the successful completion of the project. “Romania is a very important country in our growth strategy for Eastern Europe. We knew we had tough international competition at the bidding stage. Our channel partners have shown tremendous dedication to the project and this underlines our commitment to all our customers. We would like to congratulate AGEXIMCO for delivering yet again.”

AIR is known for its technological capabilities in wireless products and solutions and serves a wide range of industry verticals such as humanitarian organizations, healthcare, hospitality, military, Government, security and oil & gas. AIR is also the largest distributor for Motorola products in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and has held this position for three years in a row.

The Health Care Reform Project undertaken for MOH, Romania involved setting up the infrastructure and technological support to link 59 county hospitals, 11 emergency hospitals and integrating them to the government agencies such as SMURD (Resuscitation and Emergency Mobile Service), Firemen, ISU (Inspectorate for Emergency Situations), county councils, Police and also the Emergency Dispatch center-112.

The project was undertaken in two phases.

Phase 1 involved providing network coverage in and around the hospital for one way transmission of alphanumeric message to the subscribers.

Phase 2 involved the more complicated task of providing coverage between the county hospitals, emergency hospitals and all the related agencies. Sixteen transmission towers as high as 220 meters were built to install the repeaters.

“Our systems use Simulcast technology. The repeaters use external frequency references based on ultra-high stability rubidium oscillators and GPS receivers, while the audio delays between the three repeaters sites are compensated using programmable audio delay lines. The operators use a computer connected to the paging encoder and paging software to select the people/groups, to page them and to send the voice message. The software also allows pre-recorded messages. In fact, all the voice messages are recorded and any of them can be resent”, said the Doru Gheorghiu, the technical project manager of this project.

AIR was one of the earliest companies to bring advanced telecommunication solutions to Romania. Though Romania has a fairly advanced medical system, the technological infrastructure had to be revamped and establishing an efficient emergency network among the hospitals, ambulances and the agencies was top priority for MOH, Romania.

“It was indeed a challenge for us to work on a paging project again, considering that AIR was the first company who brought the paging technology to Romania after the 90’s. In spite of unfavorable weather conditions which did not help us while setting up the external infrastructure, we were able to complete the project in about 9 months”, said Mr. Radu Nasui, the CEO and president from AGEXIMCO.

Today, AIR through its local partners AGEXIMCO and AIRWIZARD is well established in Romania and is also planning to increase its presence in Europe through regional alliances and direct presence.

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