You know about the magician’s discipline?

Each industry has its own rules, as the industry practitioners to comply with such provisions, then this industry to better development. The magic tricks for kidsian has the precepts, below I introduce:
(1) Respect for fellow.
(2) It is necessary to seriously practice.
(3) Not skilled practice without performing.
(4) Is Professor of magic?
(5) Is disclosed the secret of magic tricks revealed.
(6) Did not state the effect before perform magic.
(7) Are not in the same audience before performing the same set of magic.
(8) To the road to development of the magic.
Special note:
(4) The price is Professor of Magic: whether to communication and others to the professor or other people gave Ian Woke professor? And the exchange between the courses does not limit in this. The reason for this is because the previous rules, no magic lovers, and some just professional magician, magic are their living skills. To put this skill to another, of course, can’t completely without value. In most cases, only when he has money or other benefits when performing magic. In addition, in the ordinary eyes, the magic is a” secret”. If the secret exposed, magic like no meaning. They don’t want to spend time and effort, also don’t want to and beyond the secret things outside. It also relates to a problem is, professional magician didn’t want to make people feel that magic is a free entertainment, and their performance is supposed to have a corresponding income in return. Magic is not an easy thing; it is the thing of value, to know its secret, must pay the price. If the magic school does not pay, then magic is of no value.
(5) Is disclosed the secret of magic tricks with cards. I tried friends ask me how to change, I say magic cannot be taught, but he said the magic can’t teach but how you can learn to understand, how may not teach him. It makes me be rendered speechless, how should I reply to it? Magic is a very charming art, then each person read, have the curiosity, want to know the secret. But in ten there can be only one (or less) to know the secret, willing to take the time to practice, and then act it out. Magic is not a professor, but should teach to the willing to spend the time and effort. You can tell your friends, a professor of the magic of books in the library, if he is interested, can borrow, if he really interested, willing to take the time to learn, the most basic pay should always be the.
(6) Not performing in front of say the magic effect. Do not know if you have noticed, except some magic tricks very abstract name, general magic show very little has the name. As the magician can’t performing in front of tell program performance? Because that will make the following program lose mystique. Lost half the steroids magic.
With these rules, the magician industry to better development, I hope as the audience will understand them, not throw magic.