Why is it impossible to buy an up to date list of web directories?

When you demand an extensive list of directories social bookmarking web sites – no matter whether you want some general web directories or other websites specialising in a certain subject or language – not the simple number of the included internet sites matters but the ratio of the link directories which are still working and taking on link suggestions in a timely manner.

Aging of directory lists

If someone once happened to get together a list of web directories or social bookmarking websites which were once providing SEO-friendly links without nofollow attributes or redirects, it does not really mean that this link collection could also meet your needs. As time passes by large numbers of sites will be shut down, ceased, become a paid web directory, etc. — so the older a web directory list is, the more useless information it will comprise. A two years old collection thus can be totally useless generally.

Status of the lsted directories

Not to mention the fact that finding the URLs of previously unknown directories is generally only the initial step of making an useful database of web directories. You will need to start and assure whether they actually accept your entries at all, and if so the link they provide will likely be valuable and useable for search engine optimisation purposes. Eventhough discovering novel web directories might not be that time consuming, finding out whether they are still functioning, is not simplest job.

No link directory list will do for you!

This is why — at least based on our experience — you may never get a truly functional, cutting edge link directory list accessible publicly on the web. As neither the vast majority of “directory of directories”-type websites nor directory submission tool is possessed by link marketeers who are working with the included web directories day to day, the accuracy of data concerning the featured link directories will be significantly far from optimum.

On the one hand, there will probably be many listed link directories which have certainly not been utilised by the owner of that database. If it is to be a foreign or an other niche web directory, this is even more usual case. On the other hand once a site is added, its current condition is seldom ascertained by hand and updated consequently .

Solely your web directory list that you make!

Regretful piece of news is that if you got no resources to waste by suggesting your links to a number of link directories which will definitely not admit your suggestions or if you plan for doing professional link building, virtually the one and only way of getting a genuinely usable web directory database is to create your own personal database.

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