We are so backward in our manner of controlling labor and sharing labor, that job loss is the 11 two terror in our lives, right behind being a victim of crime

In contrast, we see in the oil producing countries the economic power available from controlling resources. You are investing, and your investment is in one product or service each month. In this system, you simply introduce people to the process and send them to the leader and the leader does all of the work. W. That is how you make the most amount of money with your online business. One very socially damaging effect of our manner of controlling new money is that we somehow disdain full employment.

They take what they want, with little regard for the privation of the lower classes

We can leverage time, money, people, and effort at low cost, high gain, no risk, without punishing or taking advantage of the mass population 3. The most obvious reason is the high interest rates you have to pay. And it is very important that you were told and you understand the magnitude of the thought process required to insure your success.

Giving away customers who arrive at your shop to some one else is counter productive. The current economic and credit crisis is, at the very least, anecdotal evidence that our views on money need some improvement, specially if we hope our children will not repeat our mistakes and will therefore become good earners, savers and stewards of their own wealth with the business loan information. Thats where we are pointing our magic wands. Here are the bullet points that you should have been able to extract from this article.

how theyre going to be sold.

Our large cities and nations are the culmination of this system. This can be due to competitors, change of tastes, or fashion shifts, or simply because customers age and die. Under the law, credit bureaus are required to give you all the information they have about you in their files, and its your right to correct any errors or enter explanations regarding negative reports on your credit. The items on his list were things most people have never heard of or seen before. Our road building labor and our transport labor add additional labor value to the log a log at the mill is worth more exchange labor than a log in the forest. Ive learned that our thoughts are real, tangible things. These companies borrow money from larger money lenders, and then turn around and lend it to you at a higher interest rate than they pay.

If in a moral sense each workers labor is equal in fair value to the labor of every other worker, then we may calculate the percentage that we are paid annually relative to the average wage of $77,000

With all of this money coming from our myriad sources of productivity and being spent to consume different goods and services, the attempt by the Federal Reserve to limit the growth or shrinkage of one type of money in our economy, puts blanket controls on all types of money in our economy. Now, can money be created or destroyed? Technically, yes.

If one person labors full time at the Federal Minimum Wage and receives $11,500 annually to exchange for food, clothes, shelter, and recreation, while another labors likewise and receives $115,000, and yet a third person labors likewise and receives $1,150,000. You achieved only 30% of what you were trying for but that in itself can tell you two things. As we advance in manufacturing and transportation technology, we allow ourselves to maintain larger and larger populations in relatively small land areas (socially unhealthy densities). That unknown something is really only a different form of labor, labor from the past, which has been stored in roads, utilities, buildings, machines, tools, and technical knowledge.

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