skiing – How to Prepare

Going on a skiing holiday for the first time is exciting, but knowing what you need to take with you if you have never been before can be difficult.

Until you are sure that you really like skiing and will be going on a regular basis it is best not to spend a lot of money on ski wear. Borrow a friends outfit or buy a 2nd hand outfit. Some ski shops will even hire you a ski suit, goggles etc. Definitely do not buy your own ski boots, skis or snowboard the first time you go skiing. You can hire your skis and a good pair of boots from the ski hire shop at the ski resort. It is not expensive, just make sure that you pre-book your boot and ski hire.

Most of the time it is actually quite warm on the mountain, but if it is cloudy or snowing it can quickly become bitterly cold you need to be prepared for both types of weather. You need a layer of light, absorbent, breathable under clothes to wear under your ski suit. Many people swear by thermal underwear, whilst other people like to wear leggings and a cotton t-shirt or light cotton shirt. Take a light jumper that is made of wool or silk. The majority of the time you will not have to wear it, but it is hand to have just in case.

To ski you need a pair of light under gloves, skiing gloves, skiing goggles and a good pair of sunglasses. For your feet you need several pairs of skiing socks, ordinary socks are usually too thin and do not go up the leg enough to protect your shins from chaffing from the ski boots. Buy yourself a good hat; do not rely on your ski suit’s hood to keep you warm.

Don’t ski in everyday clothes. Experienced skiers can do it because they never fall over, but if a begginer does it they will quickly be soaked to the skin. If you get stuck on a chair lift in ordinary clothes you will be freezing within minutes.

If you have not been skiing before buy salopettes and a ski jacket. A ski suit is OK, but you cannot easily update it the next season. If you buy salopeetes you can easily update your skiing outfit by buying a new jacket and new accessories.

If you need to know about skiing or need first time skiwear visit this blog written by an experienced skier.