Magic show by the intellectual property protection

For the simple magic tricks of this phenomenon, many bedizens express different opinions, but for a variety of opinions, who is right or wrong, we don’t know, but I want to tell everyone, magic has its own intellectual property, hope you read the following introduction will have new ideas about the problem.
Magic although does not constitute copyright law meaning of the works, but it can constitute trade secrets, and thus enjoy the trade secret law and anti-unfair competition law protection. According to China’s Anti-Unfair Competition Law the provisions of article tenth of the commercial secret, which is not known to the public, can bring economic benefits to oblige, is of practical use and protected by the information of technology and business. The Trips protocol thirty-ninth paragraph two also made similar provisions.
Accordingly, some information is a commercial secret must have three basic elements: one is the commercial novelty; two is the value of, three of confidentiality. The magician creation magic is in full compliance with these three elements. First of all, the magician’s magic is very new, chic, and existing magic to maximize the difference, can satisfy the audience curiosity, commercially novelty, can make the magician in the same industry to maintain a dominant position. Secondly, through the magician magic can be reproduced, and thus give the magician can bring huge economic benefits, have the value.
Once again, the magic is the vitality of it not for the audience to know the mystery, the magician’s always says, the audience while rack one’s brains to break the magician mind tricks, but the results are basically reactive and retreat. This shows, the magician has a strong sense of confidentiality, and takes adequate security measures to protect their secrets. David magic why has so big appeal? One important reason is that David confidential work is done well; so far no one can break the magic secret.
In short, magic as a comprehensive information with commercial value, novelty, and confidentiality, in full compliance with the characteristics of commercial secrets, commercial secrets should be as, through a trade secret law and anti-unfair competition law to protect. In China, the protection of commercial secrets is the basic legal anti unfair competition law.
What do you thank the magic tricks for kids views? I personally think that this behavior have violated the magic of intellectual property rights, many friends was on the Internet makes many magicians embarrassment, the so-called secret out, I hope this behavior after as little as possible, to maintain a good magic atmosphere.