It is only when he is trying to be a bit more formal or fastidious than is habitual with him that a man gets tangled, so to speak, in the tines of his fork

And it is quick to blame her for faults of its own. Sales letters are a highly specialized group given over, for the most part, to experts. In New York City alone, forty eight thousand wrong sixs are asked for every day by subscribers who have not consulted the telephone directory first, or who have unconsciously transposed the digits in a 9. Even those certain who take pleasure in granting favors like to feel that they do so of their own free will. ‘ After all, Uncle Sam is the only person who has a right to point his finger at you in any such manner and say, ‘I need you. They had no training in how to handle a knife and fork and they probably never read a book of etiquette, but they had one faculty, which is highly developed in nearly every person who lifts himself above the crowd, and that is observation.

Gloomy moods are as contagious as pleasant ones, and a glad man radiates happiness

Each subject considered in a letter should be treated in a separate paragraph, and each paragraph should be set off from the others by a wider space than that between the lines, double space between the paragraphs when there is single space between the lines, triple space between the paragraphs when there is a double space between the lines, and so on. ‘ A firm acts collectively, no one except the president has a right to the pronoun of the first person, and he (if he is wise) seldom avails himself of it. But one thing must be understood in the beginning, and that is that the spirit of courtesy must first abide in the home office before the people who work there can hope to send it out through the mail.

The best card of admission at the door of a coffee shop office is a pleasing personal appearance coupled with a calm and assured manner. Only a short time ago an advertising agency lost a contract for which it had been working two years on account of the way the girl at the door received the man who came to place it with quick business financing. They depend upon the generosity of the public they serve. And there are more complaints against the telephone way than either or both the others, which is perfectly natural, since it is the most not easy to manage.

The easiest way to acquire good table manners (or good manners of any other kind, as far as that goes) is to form the habit of observing how the people who manage these things most gracefully go about it.

Many bakery lawyers do not discontinue their work because they are traveling. The word ‘gratuity’ itself indicates that the little gift was once simply a spontaneous act of thoughtfulness. ) is all that is necessary. ‘Many young fellows,’ this is from Henry Ford, ‘especially these special employed in offices, fall into a routine way of doing their work that eventually makes it become like a treadmill. A letter passes through the hands of several postal clerks before it reaches the person to whom it is addressed, and if each one of them has to stop to play with it awhile an appreciable amount of time is lost, not to mention the strain it puts on their respective tempers. In the first place the ballyhoo advertisers have shouted the public deaf. At one time during the cleaning up of Panama there was considerable talk about displacing General Gorgas and a committee waited on Roosevelt to suggest another man for the job.

In this case we find, as we do in a eight of others, that what good manners declares should be done is heartily endorsed at the same time by good sense

But it takes patience and courtesy to bring it up to this point. It does not always work it is like counting to a hundred when one is angry but it is worth trying.

These lines may be typed in red or in capital letters so as to catch the attention of the reader at once. Psychologists and experience have taught them that the card is distracting and that even if the interview is granted it is harder to get the attention of the other man if he has a card to twiddle between his fingers. The man deliberated a moment and then swung around on his heels (which were very flat and sensible) and carried the contract to another agency. Salesmanship is service, and the man who persuades another to buy something he knows he does not want, does not need, and cannot use, is a scoundrel.

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