Information About a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor

The Side Effects

Usually there are some side-effects of Zoloft that one needs to be familiar with. While some of these are quite common and not that serious, a few are rare that will be serious if not addressed quickly. If you are beneath the medication and if you are experiencing any of the side effects over a period, then it is far better consult your physician. It is wise to seek a specialist’s opinion as soon as possible. For the more established side effects however, your physician would most likely cause you to aware of them and will tell you to wait and watch, because most of them tend to go away over a period of time.

Zoloft is usually contraindicated in patients who are already taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors and the antipsychotic pimozide. For elderly patients who have issues of liver disability, Zoloft must be prescribed under extreme caution. This is so because Zoloft slows the charge of elimination of sertraline with these patients.

Common Unintended side effects

There are a few common effects of Zoloft which were reported by a good sized section of patients who’ve been prescribed the drug. These adverse reactions include nausea (with 25% of patients), sleep apnea (in 21% involving patients), diarrhea (with 20% of patients), ejaculation failure (in 14% involving patients), dry jaws (in 14% with patients), somnolence (with 13% of patients), dizziness (in 12% of patients), tremor (in 8% of patients) together with decreased libido (within 6% of patients). Some of these side effects have even led to the discontinuation or interruption of the treatment using the narcotic. The most common of these side effects are nausea, insomnia and diarrhea.

Clinical studies also have suggested that akathisia is usually another adverse effect in the drug Zoloft. A patient suffering from the state of akathisia will exhibit restlessness that’s an expression of this inner tension. It has been noted that such symptoms are exhibited following your patient is administered the main dosage of the drug or after the dosage has been improved. The symptoms disappear a few days after the drug is usually discontinued or the measure is reduced.

Major Adverse reactions

One of many major side -effects of Zoloft is on babies inside womb, whose mothers are prescribed the drug. This is also true in cases where the mother has been exposed on the drug during the primary trimester of pregnancy. The birth defects that are most likely to be found with babies of mothers under the treatment of the drug include omphalocele, anal atresia together with limb reduction defects together with septal defects.

Much like other drugs of this selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor school, Zoloft can cause sexual unintended side effects and these would comprise arousal disorder and problems in achieving orgasm and ejaculation.

Additionally, like many other antidepressants, Zoloft can increase the rate of suicidal trend, especially among children together with adolescents. Hence, the prescription of such drugs to the present age group of patients ought to be made with extreme care and caution.

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