Event management (July 1- 3rd, Sinaia)

We invite you to “PR Summer KIT”- Event management (July 1- 3rd, Sinaia)

This course is designed to deliver a pragmatic understanding of the fundamental concepts of Event Management, Conference Management and Wedding Planning. This program covers Advanced Event Management topics, including Social Media Marketing, Sustainable Event Management and Starting an Event Planning Business.


Ideal for those:
– Wishing to gain skills and knowledge to obtain event coordination roles or event support roles in the event industry.
– Considering setting up their own event planning business/consultancy
– Already in the industry and wishing to add formal event planning qualifications or a structured methodology to their portfolio


Course objectives:
Provides essential event planning skills for those wishing to enter the event management industry or add a structured event planning method to their existing event management experience or event planning responsibilities.


AWARD: an Internship, that gives the student the opportunity to put his learning to work and gain direct experience


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Course Fee, Accommodation and Meals: 380 Ron

Module 1: An introduction to event management
Industry overview
Event managers
Career strategy
Types of events
Corporate events
Social events


Module 2: Basic elements of event management
Event objectives
Choosing the venue
Facility walk-through
Catering and food


Module 3: Social events
Birthday planning
Anniversary parties
Wedding planning
Family reunions


Module 4: Corporate events
Trade shows
Team building events


Module 5: Advanced event management
Technology as an event-management tool
Event marketing and social media
Sustainable event management
Starting an event management business
Identify your customer
Startup costs
Differentiating your business
Pricing your services
Wedding-planning business