Dark Circles Around Eyes

Eyes are a very important feature on a person’s face thus, it is very important make certain that they are always kept healthy. Even then, one common problem that many people experience is the appearance of dark circles under the eyes that make one look more aged than they are. This may be due to various factors such as age, genetics, nasal congestion, poor diet, lack of sleep, vitamin deficiency or seasonal allergies. This implies that the dark circles could be inherited or come about as a result of loosening of collagen. There are several remedies of how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

First of all, you will need to ensure that you get enough sleep at night. This is because not sleeping enough leads to reduced circulation of blood around the eyes while the skin becomes pale thereby increasing the visibility of the darkness. On average, you need to ensure that you sleep for about seven to nine hours even though this varies from one person to the other. Where necessary, you also need to ensure that you include the vitamins that enhance the quality of sleeps as well as the functions of the adrenal glands like vitamin K, An and E. Generally, eating a healthy balanced diet and taking a lot of fluids is a great step towards restoring the glow of your eyes.

A natural remedy of how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes is by closing your eyes and placing thick slices of cucumber over them while covering the dark circles too. This remedy, which should be done daily for up to fifteen minutes, not only reduces puffiness but also refreshes the appearance of the skin surrounding your eyes. Alternatively, you could use ice cubes that are wrapped in a soft cloth or cool tea bags by applying them to your eyes while lying down. Tea bags are used because the tannin that is present in the tea reduces discoloration and swelling. A potato and a frozen spoon may also be used.

Eye Creams are regarded as the best treatment, since it primarily focuses on the elimination of those circles and even eye bags under your eyes. Most creams have natural ingredients which are specifically designed to give you a much healthy looking appearance, and will also get rid of the presence of fine lines on the skin.

Drinking a lot of water every day can help preventing dark circles from appearing. The skin beneath the eyes is very thin and can be easily susceptible to pigment discoloration. You may get dark circles even because of dehydration. The lack of sufficient fluid is not very serious to spoil your health but it may give an alarm by forming dark circles under the eyes. Always carry a bottle of water wherever you go and frequently drink a mouthful of water. Exposure to the sun can also cause dark circles under the eyes. If you are a person who has to remain in the sun for a long time, then you have to apply protective sun lotion especially under the eyes to avoid the damages. A sun lotion with SPF 30 will be really perfect for effective sun block.

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