Careers in White Virtual Fair


Get ready for the 9th edition of the Careers in White Virtual Fair! We are opening the gates for all the professionals in the medical field who are looking for new amazing job offers abroad!

If you want to find the perfect job for you in the medical field, check out the best working opportunities from the best employers in Europe. Private and public employers, international recruitment agencies and many others will catch your attention with their offers during our virtual fair. Exceptional working environment and conditions, along with excellent salaries are some of the benefits our recruiters are offering.

Prepare yourself for the online recruiting experience and get the medical job you deserve!

Jobs offered are tailored for your specific needs and interests and target all categories of health professionals:
* General Practitioners
* Specialist Doctors
* Residents
* Dentists
* Nurses
* Physiotherapists
* Midwives

Follow these Steps and get Hired:
–> Log in or register at:;
–> Get Online at:;
–> Check all the companies and enter their booths;
–> Browse the About, Video and Banner sections;
–> Ask questions on the Chat section;
–> Apply with your CV at the Jobs section.
So, prepare your CVs and apply online!
Free access! Best of luck!