Antique books value

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A First Edition book is a book that is the first printing of the first edition of a book. That does not mean the first book to be printed but the first run of books that are printed of a newly published book. There can be hundreds or more in each printing. To find a true First Edition in a used paperback book or used hardcover book can be very frustrating. But is worth the effort if you find the book you want. First edition books in used paperback are rare.The same can be said for used hardcover books, they are generally discarded or they no longer have their dust jackets.The dust jackets are valuable when reselling/buying a used hardcover book. They have details on them that help determine the book’s origin. Antique books value vary from one book to the next. There are so many different elements to think about, and it will be up to you to figure out whether you’re actually looking at an antique or if you are just looking at a dusty old book that is worthless. Books have to be stored very carefully. The antique book values that you find will always mention the issues of damage from moisture or humidity, as well as sun damage and the overall care that has been taken by the owner of the book. Something as simple as a dog-eared page can mean the difference of hundreds of dollars for some books. Books that are stored correctly and preserved well will generate the most money as long as they are still rare and desirable in the market. For example, a tattered and slightly worn first edition of “Tom Sawyer” could easily fetch more than a pristine, flawless third or fourth edition simply because it is the first.