Affordable Gucci Bags through Replicas

Gucci bags are available in categories like Boston, Jackie, Sukey, Bamboo, Baby, Mayfair and Craft bags. Boston category has models like Khaki seventies, White seventies, Black and Red Sohos, Black and Brown Vintage, Orange and Apricot vintage.
The replica designer bags imitating Gucci have polished leather trimming with round edges. The soho bags have double handles and provisions to keep your mobile. They have natural cotton linen lining in their interior. These Soho bags are meant for womens city use.

Fake Gucci bags also offers Diana bags in red, white, blue and bamboo bags in black and peach red. These bamboo bags are great for routine use. I also found this bamboo bags in gray with tassels. It had detachable shoulder straps in plain leather and braided leather. When you open the bag, you find a mirror with Gucci logo. Most of the bamboo bags have bamboo handles and magnetic closure on the top.

You could also get fake bags from Gucci for baby bottle warmers and diapers. Fake baby carrier bags are also available in interesting pink, black, white and dark coffee color options. These bags have flap closure with a fold out padded changing mat. Messenger diaper bags have side pockets and green-red green web and leather trim handle. Mayfair bags are available in purple, light coffee and off white colors. It has adjustable shoulder strap and double handles. I loved the look of the purple bags.

The replica Gucci bags in the vintage category use contrast stitching on their bands. This bag could also be used as a beauty case. Gucci Jackie bags are available in red, green, black, white and coffee colors. Sukey bags use white canvas and blue denim trims. The shoulder handle falls to 20 cm. You also get Sukey bags in purple, black, pink and brown.


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